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Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Kate Cook and I’m a digital marketing enthuasist and a bit of a data geek.

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By day, I help businesses implement their digital marketing more effectively through developing digital strategies that have a focus on long term asset development.

My blog has been a place for me to experiment and learn new things in the digital world all while sharing those learnings with you other digital marketing enthusiasts.

It has been my petri dish for testing new digital marketing concepts and ideas while sharing insights across digital marketing strategy, business, content marketing and every now and then, a little peek into my lifestyle.

My blog has grown and changed as I have which you’ll certainly see if you dive into the archives.

I’ve thought about deleting things and starting from scratch, but in the end chose to see the beauty that can be found in imperfection and occasionally reflect on where SPT all started. So welcome to my digital career journal.

If you’ve been a follower of SPT from the beginning and watched as the content has changed and evolved – thanks for sticking with me and growing up with me as I’ve embarked upon my career journey.

I always love discussing ideas with other digital geeks so please feel free to get in touch (social links on the top left or leave me a comment below).

Thanks for poppin’ by!

Geeks forever <3



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