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How to Stop Procrastinating & Get More Done

Struggling with procrastination? Don't we all!! Here are some hard and fast tips to make your days more productive.

Procrastinating. We all do it and some of us more than others. Sometimes we just don’t feel like getting stuck into our task list, or there is a particular task we just really don’t feel like doing. Here are some of the ways I try to stop procrastination in its tracks.

Adopt a planning system that works for you:

I’ve tried many different planners before. Digital, Filofax, KikkiK and plain old diaries!

None of them have worked for me. Earlier this year I discovered The Bullet Journal. I am in love with it – because it is perfect for the way my brain works. I tend to have ideas in a steady yet unorganised stream. I always want to be writing everything down, but before adopting The Bullet Journal method I would have pieces of paper everywhere since I could never find a way to “categorise them” very well. The Bullet Journal method allows me to add all of my notes in one place. Goals, gratitude, intention setting, birthdays, blog post ideas, work “to do” lists – EVERYTHING!

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I use My Bullet Journal in conjunction with my Free Printable Calendar and Weekly Planner to get the most done each week and I find that works perfectly for me.

Break it up:

Sometimes large tasks just seem far too daunting. When you’re looking at pages and pages of notes and you just don’t know where to start, it’s only natural to fall into “procrastination mode”. I find the breaking up tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks really help me to just get started.

Understand what time of the day you’re most productive:

There’s a lot to be said for “knowing yourself” well enough to structure your day accordingly. I know that I find it much easier to get stuck into tasks in the morning. By 3pm, not so much. So I will structure my day accordingly. Tackle part of a big project in the morning when I am focused and tick off more “mundane” tasks in the afternoon like scheduling social media content (when the copywriting is already done). Why is this important? Well had I tackled my more mundane tasks in the morning and left my project work to the afternoon I would have most certainly found myself “procrastinating”.

Get inspired:

I find that I’ll be more likely to procrastinate if I’m not very inspired or passionate about the task. If I catch myself procrastinating, I’ll try to take a mini break to think about the task at hand, and brainstorm to myself. I’ll go grab a cup of tea, stare out on balcony and think about different ways I could tackle the task. Failing that, I”ll just go on Pinterest for a little bit. Isn’t Pinterest just so inspiring? I’ll search for keywords around my task topic and I find that always helps me to “get inspired”. Once the inspiration is flowing, tackling the task becomes much easier.

Let go of perfectionism:

I can’t remember who originally said “done is better than perfect” but they were right on the money in my book. Sometimes you have to let go of perfectionism to just get the job done. I will be the first to admit that I struggle with perfectionism. I always want things to be “just right” (for example, I have a LOT of posts saved in my drafts that I will probably never publish). Sometimes though, it’s not always necessary for things to be “perfect” especially if you can revisit it later with a fresh perspective.

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  • Shayah
    October 27, 2015 at 6:30 am

    Thanks for the tips! I totally need these as I am the biggest procrastinator on the planet most of the time!

    • kate
      October 27, 2015 at 6:39 am

      No worries Shayah! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  • Jane M
    November 21, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Thanks for the tips. The bullet journal looks very cool and I will definitely have to look into that – right now I use Workflowy.com in a similar way I think.

    I just read a really cool article about tying your most procrastinated tasks to a reward. Their example was of a woman who really wanted to read the Hunger Game and kept putting off going to the gym. So, she only allowed herself to read/listen to The Hunger Games at the gym and it worked. Kind of a cool idea!


    • kate
      November 22, 2015 at 8:31 pm

      Thanks Jane! I have never used Workflowy.com before but I will definitely check it out.

      Love the sound of that article you read. I really like the idea of using the things we love as a “reward” (not just for after completing an activity but like you suggest, merely participating in one)! Definitely going to give that a try.