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How to Promote Your Video Content on Social Media

How to promote your video content on social media


As a content marketer, I promise you that no one will better understand the struggle that sometimes ensues when sitting down and brainstorming >30* pieces of considered and purposeful content for your social channels each month.

The truth is, it just isn’t easy to come up with high quality content in the quantity that is required for social media success (in many cases). Yes I absolutely recommend quality content over hitting that “30* pieces per month” (if you have followed me for a while, you know that I am a big believer in only posting content that adds value to your target markets lives) however if you can manage to do both, you’ll really be laughing all the way to the bank (who will be looking after your social media ROI).

Because it’s not always easy, there are a number of hacks I recommend that help to make your content work for you. Ideally, if we invest in a big, beautiful, high quality piece of content, we really want to get the most out of it and stretch it as far as it will go!

One of the biggest mistakes I see brands and content publishers make is to spend boatloads of time and money on developing a beautiful video, only to post it once across YouTube, once on Facebook and “cross their fingers and hope for the best”.


Not everyone will be online the first time it is posted for a start, not to mention, videos to me are a CONTENT GOLD MINE.

If I have a client with a large inventory of videos, I get very excited because I know I can make that content stretch as far as it will go.

From one piece of video content, I can guarantee there will be a way to (at the very least) gain 3 different post angles. For some videos I have gained up 40 pieces of standalone content!

One person who absolutely has this down pat is Gary Vaynerchuck aka. The King of Social Media. If you don’t already follow Gary, I highly recommend subscribing to him. You absolutely won’t regret it.

Gary and his team really know how to stretch a piece of content to squeeze the most out of it, so I have included examples of how he executes this so well.

While not all of these tactics will work for everyone (it will completely depend on your content) hopefully it provides you with some ideas so you can get more bang from your content bucks!

So here we go. My top 10 tips on how to promote your video content on social media!

1) Post the video

OK obviously I had to start out with the most obvious way to post your video content. Just post it just as it is!

2) Cut it up

Of course you can post up to 15 seconds of video on Instagram but why limit it only to Instagram if you can capture a neat “tip”, great compilation or the perfect introduction or teaser for your video in just 15 seconds.


One of my top 10 shows. #AskGaryvee Show: Episode 182 recap. Full episode coming later this evening!!

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Monday, February 15, 2016


In this example Gary uses a short snippets from one of his videos. He could:


  • Use as a “teaser” on other social media channels. For example: post it to Instagram along with the link to view the full video in his profile and a description against the video with a call to action for people to “Click the link in our profile to view the full videos!”
  • Use this small portion of a video against a Facebook link ad that is used to promote his channel, sell his book or drive conversions to his website
  • Embed it within email newsletters to entice users to click through and engage further with Gary via his social media channel of choice

3) Gif it up

Just like you can cut out a small section of a video, you can also create an animated “gif” of various sections of the video and use this within your email marketing instead of static images to help them to be more eye catching. Gifs can also be used on Facebook personal profiles, on Tumblr and of course, embedded within websites or your email newsletter.

4) Stills

Like gifs, you can take high resolution screen grabs of different stages of your video and use them as images to post on your social channels.

5) Quotes & Tips

This is one of my favourites! Did you happen to say something valuable in one of your videos? A pearl of wisdom perhaps? Just a simple quote or key takeout? Why not take that text and post it either as standalone text (status posts on Facebook – seriously I know everyone thinks they are dead, but I often see higher organic reach figures when utilising them) or is you just love your images, why not transform it into a cool piece of typography?  



6) Slideshow’s

Can you take the content that you spoke about in your video and create a presentation about the topic? What if you allow the video to do the majority of the legwork for you?

Upload your presentation to Slideshare to embed it within your website or on your LinkedIn profile.



7) Transcript Blog Post

The good old transcripts. I can honestly say I really appreciate it when a brand includes the embedded video and video transcript or lists the key takeouts from a video on their website. If you live in Australia like I do, you will be aware that the mobile data plans we have here aren’t very great (probably something to do with the fact that we’re a big old island that can’t keep up with the rest of the world ha ha). Therefore, I love to be able to quickly read up on a video transcript whilst I am out and about, especially if it’s for quite a long video where I don’t want to burn through my data credit.

Here’s what Gary Vee does after he hits “publish” on his latest YouTube episode.

8) Create a Podcast

This is an easy one to execute and is especially great if you’re someone who creates video content on the regular.

Ideally (if you have been following me for a while) you will know that I recommend creating content to be bespoke to each channel wherever you possibly can (and in particular, playing to the nuances to each of the channels) however if you’re particularly interested in dipping a toe in the water with some new channels (like Podcasting) using the audio from your video content can work really well, as long as it’s not an overly visual video.

Gary Vaynerchuck Podcast - Ways to Promote Your Video Content

9) Create an Audio Recording for your Website

Very similar to the podcasting but executed differently. Soundcloud can be a great way to incorporate audio into your website or blogs or even let someone know about your Podcast on your website but allow them to first take it for a “test drive” on your website while they are already there.

Anchor (a new app that has recently launched) allows you to do this also. Of course, Gary is already #AllOverIt already!

You could also use it as a way to provide exclusive information to your subscribers/tribe if they have access to a special “tribe only area”. 

10) Use it as an “Opt In”

You could bundle the video up with a worksheet, workbook, free checklist download or even a number of additional videos to create a training “module”. It is generally a whole lot easier to repackage content than it is to create content from scratch a lot of the time!

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Want to remember these tips for later? Here’s a handy infographic for you to “pin” to your Pinterest board or “Tweet” it out from the rooftops!


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  • Sharon Hughes
    April 28, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Love it! This is a great reference piece. So many options to get more out of one piece of content – great job.

    • Kate
      April 29, 2016 at 9:16 am

      Thanks so much Sharon! So happy to hear you got something out of this :)