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Home desk tour: My inspired space

home desk styling tour blogger

Take a step into my little abode!

I always love seeing how other bloggers, side-hustlers and business chicks (and roosters) style their creative spaces. I enjoy the little peek into their world and often find myself wanting to go shopping to further add to my creative space…

It’s so important for me to have a clean, minimalist yet inspiring space from which to engage in my work, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

I keep my home desk space quite clean with little clutter. It’s the only way I’m able to think straight.


These are my essentials:



The Desk:

I made this ‘desk of my dreams’ by purchasing 2 x trestle legs from IKEA for $25 a pop, followed by IKEA’s $39 white table top. I know, bargain!

While they do have the trestle legs in the white, I really liked the stark monochromatic contrast of the two shades. Fair warning though, the trestle legs are an absolute nightmare to put together. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Desk Lamp:

I call him “Pixar”! I picked up this little gem in Target a little while back now. I love the industrial look alongside my trestle desk and sometimes feel like a draftsperson or architect when I sit down to write under it. For those looking for a similar look, IKEA has a dupe.

candle corner closeup-min

Pens, pen holder, washi tape, paperclip dish:

I have a mix of pens from various places but tend to always pick up pens in a similar style. I love Kate Spade’s gold pens (a few of mine have gone missing) but if you’re in Aus, you can pick up some very adorable and inexpensive options at good old Kmart.

My marble pen holder is actually designed to hold toothbrushes but when I saw it, knew that I needed it for my desk!

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you will know that I cannot live without washi tape. I love using washi on my calendar printables as well as to wrap the odd gift.

As for the paperclip dish, I found this in a gorgeous little Melbourne op-shop for $3 and I just love it!

Kate Spade Correspondence Cards:

Squeezed between my pen holder and candle  are my Kate Spade initialed correspondence cards. They were actually first gifted to me but I loved them so much I repurchased them as soon as I ran out. A classy way to say ‘thank you’.

Damselfly Candle:

This Damselfly candle cracks me up every time I look at it. Damselfly have a number of hilarious quotes and scents absolutely worth the price tag.

My KikkiK Matches:

There’s just something about having pretty matches. I just love how KikkiK manage to make everything adorable. #TakeMyMoney

corner with journal -min


I use this for everything and anything (in my personal life) and will continue to use it until each page is filled. This particular journal is from Kmart (Kmart never ceases to amaze me with their adorable stationery range) but I have purchased and filled many a journal from both Moleskine and KikkiK. I’m not loyal to a particular notebook brand but do make an effort to purchase my journals in the same size so that they stack beautifully on my bookshelf.


desk lamp-min

Marble clipboard:

I actually DIY’d this when I first arrived in Melbourne and was longing to spruce up my room with a little decor. I purchased a wooden placemat from my local craft shop and some marble contact paper, then attached a couple of gold bulldog clips so I could pin up some of my favourite things. I prefer it to a pinboard but love being able to pin up a voucher I need to use, a photo or two or something that is otherwise meaningful to me.

Pictured here is my lanyard from ProBlogger 2016. A significant blogging achievement for me and motivation to continue writing for SPT Blog.

How do you curate your space to keep you inspired? Tell me in the comments below!

Shop the look:

If you’re anything like me, you may have spotted something you loved and want to be able to get your hands on it too! While not every item I have is available online for purchase, I curated a number of my exact pieces and other similar pieces for those of  you with a similar aesthetic. Happy shopping xx

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