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Free Printable Minimalist Calendar 2018


free minimalist monthly and yearly printable calendars

For me, having a physical calendar is one of my most important tools to stay anchored to my goals and tasks. My work colleagues will often joke that I never look at my digital calendar, and it’s true, but I simply cannot live without my paper calendar.

Each year, I tend to make a calendar that aligns with my personal aesthetic. In 2016, I shared my printable calendar on my blog here and have had many of you ask for my future yearly calendars, so since I had already updated my yearly calendar, I thought I would post it here to share with all of you.

One new addition to my yearly routine has been working through a one-page yearly calendar. While I love my monthly minimalist calendar to jot down key monthly milestones, the yearly calendar has served me well in business when I have key event dates and projects launching throughout the year.

I hope you find them it as useful as I do.


Printable A4 Monthly 2018 Minimalist Calendar

Click image to download

download monthly minimalist 2018 calendar

Printable A4 Annual 2018 Minimalist Calendar

Click image to download

download annual minimalist 2018 calendar



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    May 5, 2018 at 2:33 am

    The November month is wrong :(

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      May 17, 2018 at 11:02 am

      Oh no! Thank you for this Hol. I swear I checked it and checked it! I’ll update it and will send you an email with the updated calendar once finalised :) Thank you for letting me know!

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