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Inside Digital Business: Canna Campbell Interview

canna campbell interview

This year, in addition to providing the usual “DIY Digital Marketing” blog posts for you and journaling about my new business adventure, I wanted to bring you some little pearls of wisdom from the people I like to turn to for advice.

One person who has had a significant impact on my life over the last six or so months or so, is an inspiring fellow content creator and business owner, Canna Campbell.

I discovered Canna after a friend recommended her YouTube Channel, SugarMamma.TV. to me (knowing I was always one to be interested in personal finance)!

Now, when you picture a financial advisor (forgive me for calling out a stereotype here) but don’t you just picture someone in a boring old suit who preaches about saving and makes you feel guilty for enjoying some of the finer things in life?

This is not Canna. What I love about Canna’s approach to finance is that she really understands that life is all about balance. She films her videos from her stunning artesian designed Sydney home (where I will often spot many of my favourite luxury purchases in the background – Baies and Aquisse candles, the Sheridan quilt cover I’ve been lusting over, her collection of designer handbags etc. etc.).

Canna often talks about the importance of a balanced life. In addition to posting content about her area of expertise, she will often share glimpses into her life in her “Lifestyle Love” series. I have particularly enjoyed hearing about her take on minimalism and how she incorporates it into her everyday life. It has been quite eye opening for me (a past clutter junkie) and I have since been much more conscious of the purchases I make, the purpose of the items I choose to buy and what impact it will have on my life as a result.

Canna’s mantra is to focus on making purchases only on items you love, value and appreciate and I have this mantra firmly playing in my head now each and every time I open my wallet to make a purchase.

I recently reached out to Canna and asked if she would be interested in answering a few questions for Small Paper Things Blog readers and guess what – she said yes!

So without further ado, Canna Campbell everybody:


Q. In addition to being a finance whiz you’re also an incredibly successful business woman. What made you decide to start your own business Sass Financial?

A. I started SASS Financial over 10 years ago. I always had the idea dancing around in the back of my head, but it wasn’t until one of my biggest clients encouraged and inspired me to break out on my own, that I took the huge leap. I think I was a little naïve at the time, as looking back that was a much bigger risk than I realised, however fortunately everything went to plan and I have enjoyed every moment of this adventure and am extremely grateful for everything that has happened.

Q. What marketing impact has the success of SugarMamma.TV. had on your Sydney based business Sass Financial Planning? Would you recommend YouTube to other service based businesses as a method to promote their business and personal brand?

A. The YouTube platform is an incredible way to leverage yourself in front of people but one not to be underestimated. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, money and at times thick skin. SASS Financial is actually a separate business to SugarMamma.TV.

SASS is a boutique Financial Planning Practice, whilst SugarMamma.TV is a financial education platform. I run both businesses out of the same office and my content for SugarMamma comes from my professional experience, education and training from SASS Financial.

The YouTube platform is an incredible way to leverage yourself in front of people but one not to be underestimated. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, money and at times thick skin.

Q. I’m sure we would all love to think that running a business is completely smooth sailing but it’s rarely the case that we never experience a hiccup. What unexpected challenges have you faced in running your business? How did you overcome them?

A. I am quite a calm and rational person and can work with a dynamic environment thanks to having a great team of staff around me. However I often struggle to say “no” as I am so passionate about helping people with their financial affairs but run the risk in exhausting myself, to the detriment of my energy levels.


Q. We can all put pressure on ourselves to achieve incredible things but women especially have a tendency to feel as though we must be able to “juggle it all” (business, family, life, love) perfectly. How do you juggle running a business with creating content for SugarMamma.TV. and being a mum to your 2 yo son Rocco? 

A. I am a lover of routine….and so is Rocco…it keeps us both happy, feeling safe and secure knowing what is happening next, however I don’t run a routine with military precision, as life doesn’t work like this all the time. There is always room for a little spontaneity in our lives to keep things fresh and fun occasionally.

When I am with Rocco I focus on quality bonding time (we have “date night”, we go to the park, we walk the dogs together etc) but he also knows that at times I need to get work done after hours…but he knows that he is my number one priority in life.

Also I use my time carefully, I go to the gym at lunch (keeps me away from the shops), this is essential as my physical health can really impact how I am feeling…plus I wake up at 5 am most days and mediate daily.

I also try (as much as possible with my sweet tooth), to eat fresh food which is predominately vegetarian based as my body feels and responds better. I also have the most amazing friends to help keep me inspired, motivated and driving forward with my life….they are my oxygen! So regular catch ups are essential, even Rocco loves a great play date.

And finally, after much self work, I ask for help when I need it….previously I used to “try and do it all”, and would be too ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help….however I realised that when I am exhausted, I literally collapse in an emotional heap and am no good to anyone. Now when I recognise those signs, I call my parents, ask my nanny or reach out to a friend to help me.


Q. You’re an incredible example of someone who understands that it’s not always about going without to build financial wealth and independence. How do you find balance between experiencing some of the finer things in life and saving for your future?

A. I admit that I have “champagne taste” as my father likes to say…I appreciate well made goods that stand the test of time and are trans seasonal…classic and simple pieces that can join me on my adventures into the long run. I also value experiences, especially ones that make me feel uplifted, invigorated or inspired, but these don’t need to be expensive ones. It has taken me a while to discover what and why these values are, but they have helped me get the most out of life.

Having said that though I am definitely no fool with money…I don’t indulge in any major luxuries unless I have honoured my personal, financial and spiritual goals and personal growth first. Having my priorities in check helps me keep things balanced.

Q. I can certainly say that from my perspective you have had a profound influence on the way I now make purchasing decisions. I have been particularly inspired by your minimalist lifestyle and focusing on only purchasing items you love, value and appreciate. Do you think this minimalist mentality has been key to you becoming a happier, more grateful person and a better saver/investor?

A. Oh wow, I am so flattered! For me, I discovered minimalism when Rocco was born. I felt suffocated with so many “things” around me and lost a sense of what made me feel happy but also what helped me concentrate and kept my energy levels up. So yes, Minimalism has definitely allowed me to have more authentic happiness in my life, understand my values and be more conscious of the way that I use money in my life.

Q. For someone who is interested in taking control of their financial future and is looking to hire an expert to assist, what would you recommend they look for in a financial advisor?


  1. Fee for service – most ethical advisers charge a flat fee for their services rather than receiving commission for selling products. You need to know that a product has been recommended to you because it suits your needs and requirements.
  2. Holistic advice – an adviser that offers a range of services – investing, super, insurance etc
  3. Most important – someone who follows their own advice – I would only take advice from someone who is travelling on the same pathway (or had already arrived at their destination). The ability to empathise, understand and show compassion is essential. The path towards financial freedom and independence is not always an easy one, with different types of challenges. You need someone who gets this and can shine the light as to how to pass through this as quickly as possible.


Q. Information about the value of the dollar, the property market and the stock market is on the news every time we turn on the TV. With so much “money noise” out there, what top 3 sources do you turn to for the latest (and most drama-free) information?


  1. Morningstar research – I subscribe to this website (as a paid subscriber, plus SugarMamma subscribers can access this research at a discount). The look at what is going on with a rational perspective and focus on quality education…not information overload. So I am able to make smart decisions based on fact, not emotions.
  2. Media – I am careful with what I read and watch…and who has written it. Boom and gloom sells, so I take everything with a grain of salt and try and keep my eyes open as to what people are actually doing around me. I read The Australian as well as a few other international websites that I enjoy, such as The Mind Unleashed.

Q. When it comes to money, everybody leads different lifestyles and values different things in life so it can be hard to not be influenced by the friends and family around us. How do you recommend we go about uncovering our true financial desires?

A. You have to disregard what other people do…keeping up with the Jones is a bottomless pit. Spend time thinking about what triggers something special within yourself….something that makes you feel expanded, uplifted, alive and spurs you with energy and excitement.

There is no right or wrong, you just have to invest in some soul searching work and discover what is important to you. For some people the financial desire is to work for yourself, for others it is to support more charities and help make a difference…it doesn’t matter what it is but once you find it, tap into it and let it drive you.


Q. Finally, what do you think the “secret sauce” is to running a successful business?

A. Ha, a great body and mind – which means quality sleep, exercise, diet, lifestyle, intellectual and spiritual stimulation and a great team of family and friends who believe in you and have your back.


If you’re interested in getting some 1:1 financial advice from Canna (like me) you can Book a Consultation via the SugarMamma.TV. website! Be sure to sign up to her “Sugar Hit” emails while you are there and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

We will all be on our way to becoming more financially wealthy and independent for doing so!

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  • Margarita Chi
    April 11, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    I loved this interview with Canna! I have followed her YouTube story from the beginning and it’s really great to see her featured on your blog and find out more about her entrepreneurial tips. Thanks Kate! x


    • Kate
      April 11, 2016 at 5:20 pm

      Thanks Margarita! I can’t wait for every Monday and Thursday night when I know I will have a new SugarMama.TV video waiting for me to watch with a glass of red xx

  • Lori Hil
    April 13, 2016 at 1:12 am

    I also adore watching SugarMamaTV! Great tips and inspiration!

    • Kate
      April 13, 2016 at 11:05 am

      I think she is super fabulous as well :) Thanks for stopping by Lori! xx