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Attending work events: Rules of engagement


attending an awards night for work

Many of us will at some point be asked to attend an event for work whether it be an awards night, Christmas party or some other work-based public event. While it may not seem like rocket science, there are three core things to consider for your next event, from dress tips to opportunities that shouldn’t go untapped! Here’s what I’ve learned.


Consider your attire:

I know that I’m probably stating the obvious here, but be sure to think about the dress code of the event you’re attending. One of my favourite hacks is to check the Facebook and Instagram pages for previous events to get an understanding of dress, whether it be cocktail wear or black tie. Avoid plunging necklines and backless numbers and instead opt for a classic cut. If in doubt, call the organisers. It may seem a bit naff but it’s far better than arriving to find you stick out like a sore thumb!


Remember that this is a work event, you’re ‘on the clock’ so to speak and as such, there will likely be an expectation that you work the room. The hardest part about networking is introducing yourself for the first time. Once you’ve walked up to someone and introduced yourself, the hard part is done! Actively listen and bounce off the things they are saying by relating with your own anecdotes. Oh – and don’t forget your business cards.

Take a personal interest in your colleagues:

Award nights are a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and boss better on a more personal level. While this isn’t the time to share stories of your awful ex boyfriend, sharing a little insight into your family and how you grew up would show a different side to your personality and let others get to know your values. Take an interest in your colleagues stories and better yet, follow up with them when you return back to the office. Isn’t it just the best feeling when someone takes an active interest in your life?


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