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5 ways to wind down after a busy week.

Wind down after a busy week, unwind, busy, stress, destress

A busy week can take a toll on anyone and it’s even worse when you feel like you can’t escape it! I always try to (where possible) take 5 every weekend. A little “me” time. A little time to reflect and enjoy my own company. When I go a weekend without this, the stress compounds and doesn’t result in my best self. Stuck for inspiration? Don’t know where to start? See below for a few of my favourite weekend activities.


The Collective Hub. Renegade Collective.

Image via @janeytravels

To be completely honest. I don’t prioritise reading as much as I should. I know it truly relaxes me and helps to show me different perspectives on the world, but I often prioritise cleaning, washing, coffee and YouTube before it. That being said, I am definitely having a reading love affair with The Collective magazine. Its pages are filled with inspiring stories of the globes movers and shakes along with beautiful images and quotes to get you through the working week. Its a lovely light read and goes perfectly with a cup of Chai Tea (and with the oh so beutiful George Clooney featured in this month’s issue – how could you not!?). It’s also worth noting that the magazine’s editor and founder, Lisa Messenger, is just such a genuine creature and a huge inspiration to women everywhere. Do you ever observe people who are living their lives with 100% presence and authenticity and think : “I want to be that person’s best friend!”. Yeah, she’s that type of gal.

Go for a walk. 

Hamilton, Brisbane QLD

Hamilton, Brisbane QLD

I’m so lucky that I live close to the Brisbane river. It makes keeping a morning ritual just that little bit easier. One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling a little stressed is to just throw on a summery dress, grab my sunnies and head out the door for a little morning stroll (often with a coffee at the end of the line which is just another motivating factor to get out of the house). There is something just so calming about water. Even after an extremely hectic week, taking some time to sit down and watch the water flow down stream can completely change my state of mind. Even if you aren’t close to water, there is always some joy to be found in exploring your area. If you’re anything like me, I can get very caught up in my day to day and forget that such wonder exists outside my front door. Go exploring – adventure is calling.

Get out your pencils. 

Image via @vasare

Image via @vasare

Creativity is a muscle. It will build and grow when you practice it. One of my favourite ways to give myself a little ‘boost’ of creativity and wind down on the weekend is to simply get out my pencils and doodle on a notepad! Trust me, I’m no Picasso (I wouldn’t even make it onto a fridge) but it’s a bit of simply, easy fun. No time to sit down to just “draw” you say? Keep some pencils or pens handy in your study and doodle while you’re on the phone! Supposedly it can also help with your concentration (so a good one for when you’re talking to that boring relative who tells you the same story eighteen times)!

Spend 5 minutes on Instagram: 

Image via @carmel_louise

Image via @carmel_louise

This one is for the person who is extremely strapped for time. Instagram is one of the most beautiful social networking platforms. People snapping micro moments of their lives and sharing them with the world. When I don’t have a lot of time but am ahcing for a little inspiration I just head straight to my Instagram feed and I find beautiful, fresh food and produce, inspiring quotes, happy families and happy couples. That positivity rubs off on me that’s for sure!

Make a memory. 

Picnic, @natashakolenko

Image via @natashakolenko

Too often I reach the end of each year and think “Woah, didn’t that year just FLY past!?”. They say the reason we feel this way is because we make less memories as we get older and instead, become a little more ‘set’ in our day to day routine. I’m not usually one for New Year’s Resolutions, but in 2015 my fiance and I promised one another that we would spend time to make new memories. He is a budding entrepreneur and I work in marketing for one of Australia’s largest quick service restaurant chains, so needless to say – we live fairly stressful working lives and really have to sit down and schedule time in to be present for one another. One of the ways we decided to ensure we are always growing together in our relationship (not just at work) was to spend this year “making new memories”. Whether it’s a hike up Mt Cootha, Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Golden Beach, Taking my step-kids (his kids) to Bounce Inc. and bouncing our weekend away or sharing a picnic at South Bank we find a way to do something different, take some happy snaps and reminisce about the memory we made!

How do you relax and unwind on your weekend?

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