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4 Must Watch YouTube Videos for Bloggers & Creative-preneurs

Looking for some inspiring words from incredible creative-preneurs? Look no further. I love listening to these while getting ready in the morning. Must watch videos for entrepreneurs and creatives for sure!

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you will know that I had quite an addiction to YouTube which I managed to turn around in order to focus on creating content over consuming so much of it. I still enjoy watching You Tube videos, but now instead of getting sucked into a YouTube black hole I enjoy watching when I am doing other things like my hair and makeup in the morning or while cooking myself some dinner. Love to multi task when it comes to things like YouTube.

[disclaim]YouTube Black Hole: When you start to look at “just one video” and end up giggling at cat videos an hour later. The struggle is real. [/disclaim]

Everyone loves a great a little cat video but most of the time I try to focus on consuming content that gives me a new perspective on on my career or my purpose. We are never too old to stop learning and I think that YouTube is such an incredible modern-day classroom.

I’ve stumbled across some that I think are just “must watch” videos for any blogger or creative-preneur looking for some inspiration!

Marie Forleo on Heart, Hustle & Intuition: The Good Life Project

Marie is absolutely incredible. Her story is one I think so many people will be able to relate to. A beautiful recollection of a young woman finding her “why”, following her passion and always working from the heart.

She also has her own channel and releases a new video every Tuesday where she answers a question from her community. Eerything Marie does comes from the heart. She is such a beautiful person and will bring a smile to your Tuesday if you subscribe to her channel.

Brene Brown: Daring Greatly to Unlock Your Creativity

An interview guided by Chase Jarvis, a true creative and artist (photographer) who wears his heart on his sleeve, this captivating discussion between him and Brene will take you on a journey for what it’s like to be an artist in this day and age. Brene provides clarity and guidance to an otherwise murky path to success.

Elizabeth GIlbert: Life After Eat, Pray, Love

I love that Elizabeth Gilbert speaks so bravely about the struggles of owning a creative mind and working in a space where you have to open yourself up to being completely vulnerable and at the same time, be able to separate the outcome of how others perceive your craft from your ability to continue to do it so that you can protect it and keep it sacred.

I will be the first to admit that I tend to worry too much about what other people think, so I just love hearing Elizabeth explain her perspective and revisit this video every 6 months or so as a reminder.

Oprah Winfrey: Life, Career & Leadership

It’s Oprah so I feel like she needs no explanation whatsoever. In this interview she gives the perfect example of why it’s important to “back yourself in”. She always had unwavering self belief which propelled her on her journey to becoming the most influential woman in the world.

[question]Have you stumbled across any YouTube teachers you think I would love? I would love it if you could share a link to one in the comments below! [/question]

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  • Julie@MomFabulous
    November 16, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    I can not wait to watch these! I listened to a podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert the other day and it was incredibly inspiring.

    • kate
      November 18, 2015 at 4:54 pm

      She is so incredible. I can’t wait to read her latest book “Big Magic”! Let me know what you think if you have a listen :) K

  • Ashley
    November 16, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    I love listening more than watching YouTube, so I always have them going when I’m stuck doing household chores like unloading the dishwasher. I’ll be checking these ones out later on, thanks!

    • kate
      November 18, 2015 at 4:54 pm

      Ashley I am so the same! Especially with interviews like these – not a whole lot to look at really? I hope you enjoy these ones as much as I do.

  • Gerard
    February 22, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    your site was just on a list of recommendations, I just watched the interview with opera very inspiring and for me thanks for sharing. I have booked marked and will return keep up the great work

  • Lisa
    February 25, 2016 at 4:30 am

    These are fantastic. I read big magic and loved it. Love your work :)

  • feuza
    April 25, 2016 at 11:51 am

    You are just jam packed with info! guess I will be pinning some more posts for sure! you listed some of my favorites like Chase, Elizabeth, Marie etc but have not watched these exact videos per say, thanks for curating this

    • Kate
      May 1, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      Thank you so much! I love them all! Just a few of my favourites x