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    I Completely Burned Out: A Raw & Honest Look Into My Period of Self-Discovery


    I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been away for a little while.

    It’s not just SPT Blog I disappeared from. For the first time in my life, around three months ago, I truly lost myself.

    I broke off my engagement, moved out of the home I had built with my partner of 4 years, business started booming (usually a good problem to have but when combined with a breakup, it just wasn’t easy), my health was a mess and I fell into a total black hole and didn’t want to climb out.

    I had pushed myself too hard this time. I started experiencing the symptoms of burnout in late 2015 but I ignored the signs and pushed through. I managed to keep the wheels turning for a while, but when my personal life came crashing down I fell in a heap.

    I once knew somebody who would talk about the importance of having our “life anchors” firmly secured. “Life anchors” being things like health, family, friends, romantic relationship, career, home and routine.

    There is no magic number for how many need to be secured at any one time, but ideally we aim to have all of them “anchored” down as much as possible. Having a solid foundation for these important areas of our lives help us to feel grounded.

    Occasionally life throws you a curve ball and one of our “life anchors” may break free. But when it does, we feel more capable of managing and improving that area of our life that “broke free” when the rest of our “life anchors” are firmly secured.

    Over the last 3 months, the following anchors of mine broke free:

    • Relationship
    • Home
    • Routine
    • Health
    • Business (this was a good crazy – but still crazy)

    Having five of them break loose at the same time made me realise just how important it is to take time, ask for support and look after yourself when this happens.

    The last 3 months I’ve been working hard to pick up the pieces and start a new life.

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